Ag Oasis began as, and remains, a family business. We started as a platform for the future, with the focus of allowing more people to work together in the same direction – everyone brings something different to the table – to grow and to provide an opportunity to provide high quality, nutritious milk.

Ag Oasis has grown to include two dairies in Kansas and two in Oklahoma and are proud to say our company represents wide open thinking and a positive outlook for the future.

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Tuls Dairy


Brothers Todd and Pete Tuls saw an opportunity to move from southern California and began Tuls Dairy with 1,800 milking cows.

Tuls + Hemann Partnership


A new partnership formed between Pete Tuls and Brian Hemann What started as a platform for one families' future has now provided a place for multiple families to work together in the same direction. Brian came from his own family run dairy farm, helping grow the herd from 1,800-2,400 milking cows.

Oklahoma Expansion


Looking for new opportunities to expand, Lost Trail 1 and 2 were purchased and remodeled allowing an expansion of the milking herd to a total of 5,600 milking cows between the 3 locations. With this new growth we recognized the skills of longtime employee Efrain Estrada and gave him the opportunity to manage Tuls Dairy.

Mas Cow Dairy


With the addition of building Mas Cow Dairy located in Moscow, Kansas the herd expanded to 8,300 milking cows between the 4 sites. The, expansion created new positions and keeping with family tradition, Efrain Estrada’s brother, Jose Estrada, was given the opportunity to manage Mas Cow Dairy.

Lost Trail Dairy


With further enhancements to all 4 facilities it allowed us to grow the herd from 8,300 to 9,750 milking cows.

Pete Sr. Leaves to Sail the World


In 2010, Pete Sr. set sail across the world for a new adventure. Clint Anderson joined the team at this same time bringing his experience from Allied industry along with experience with large herd management. This qualified him to fill an Operations Manager Position. At this point in time, they had experienced 450% growth within four locations across two states, totaling 10,800 milking cows by 2011.

Partnership with KDI


Looking for new ways to create opportunity and new relationships, Ag Oasis and Kansas Dairy Ingredients began working together. KDI built an ingredient plant in Hugoton, KS which Ag Oasis supplies milk to. Ag Oasis reaches 11,150 milking cows.

Kansas Dairy Ingredients Partnership


This year brought a shift in mindset to take a step back and to be more environmentally cautious and community driven. Partnering with Kansas Dairy Ingredients enabled us to bring together industry knowledge and expertise to begin manufacturing concentrated milk products and new ways of marketing. This allowed Ag Oasis to grow to 11,300 milking cows.

Jeffrey Hemann joins the team


Ag Oasis remains a family business with the addition of Jeffrey Hemann, Brian's son. Seeing the need to create an environment of structure and accountability, Jeff came on board as the facility supervisor at Mas Cow Dairy. He brings a skillset developed at college and previous employment with CarMax. Growth continued and had reached 11,850 total milking cows. This also was the year that Lost Trail Dairy began shipping product to KDI.

Pete Jr. joins the team


Seeing the success at Mas Cow, Pete Tuls Jr was brought in to fill a similar position at Tuls Dairy. He brought with him all the skills learned from working for his uncle at a Large Dairy in Nebraska. Growth continues for Ag Oasis.

Parker Tuls joins the team


With the expanding dairies came new jobs to fill in the main office. Parker Tuls, Pete Tuls Sr.’s son, was brought in with the responsibility of creating a global environment of data and resources that allows all the facilities to operate in a more unifying manner. He brings past experiences from previous jobs in construction and a management position at his uncle’s large dairy in Wisconsin. Ag Oasis growth continues with 11,900 milking cows.

Brad Hemann joins the team


This year, Brad Hemann, Brian's son, started working for Ag Oasis. With an education from Kansas State University, Brad was asked to join the team as an employee liaison continuing the quest to improve on all areas of the business. Growth continues and reaches 12,400 total milking cows.