We're proud to be part of the communities we serve.  This is where we live, where we work and where we all choose to raise our families. We believe that by partnering with local schools, civic groups, churches and other non-profit organizations, we all win by supporting the communities we call home


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Supported the reopening of the Boise City Community Pool and bathhouse for a total of $5000 donated, along with $500 to high school project graduation.  

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Sporting events can bring the community together and this aligns with our mission. We have donated $2700 towards uniforms, carding fees, referee fees, and tournament entry fees.

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We helped out the Russell Child Development center by donating $100,000 towards the development of their new building. 

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Please feel free to reach out and share partnership ideas you have for our local schools!

Here are a few of the workshops, event sponsorships and items we have contributed to in the past:


On-site and educational workshops focused on teaching health & nutrition, cooking and the facts vs. common misconceptions. 


Mini crowd balls @ games, team sport calendars, team send offs with milk, t-shirts, school water bottles, etc. 



Our team at Ag Oasis is also committed to supporting causes that
improve the quality of life for the residents of Southwest Kansas. Our company
frequently makes donations of cash, goods, or services to local schools, civic groups,
non-profits as well as church groups within our community. Because we are all eager to
help, we meet monthly to review and choose projects that closely align with our own
company values. In order for us to review your organization and the project at hand,
please take time to fill out the attached Donation Request Form.
We appreciate your partnership inquiry and look forward to hearing how we can help
assist you in the direct support of our local community!