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Internship Opportunities


Summer Internship Program


Ag Oasis manages 12,000 lactating dairy cows across three dairies in Southwest Kansas and the Oklahoma panhandle. The internship at Ag Oasis allows students to gain experience in several areas related to dairy production including animal health, calving management, reproduction, environmental compliance, etc. Interns have the opportunity to work with a variety of professionals from the industry including veterinarians, nutritionists, environmental scientists and technicians. 

Post Graduate Internship Programs are available for custom dates. Please contact us to discuss.

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Dairy U




Dairy U is a three day immersive educational opportunity created with the sole intention of developing the next generation of dairy industry leaders. Summer 2018 marks the first year of this program and is open to 10 students from across the country each summer. Students will travel throughout Kansas to visit dairies and meet with leaders and industry stakeholders. Hands-on seminars will include a dairy industry overview, lifecycle of a cow, animal health, reproduction, milking systems and nutrition. Students will also receive financial education and communications training.